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10 Signs Your Cat may be Sick

Ki-gi, candy, a ferine kitten that had some quite a medical specialty or predicament (but no name), Christopher, Daphne, Neo, Sadie, Calli, Joseph Oliver and Kassie – those square measure all the cats that I’ve owned or cared for in my lifespan.

I was a baby once my family owned Ki-gi (whom I’m proud to own named). I used to be thus young then I don’t bear in mind what became of him. candy was an outside cat World Health Organization ultimately (long story) died of associate injury he received in a very catfight. The ferine kitten, Christopher, and Daphne (outdoor cats) and modern (an indoor cat World Health Organization clawed through a screen to induce out) were all hit and killed by cars. Sadie had health issues from the time we tend to got her as a kitten. She lived several happy years before she died of what we tend to believe was coronary failure. Calli, my favorite cat of all time, continues to be living and he or she and that I square measure best friends to the present day. Kassie, the sassiest cat I’ve ever met, belongs to my fully grown female offspring and has gone to measure together with her.

But it’s Joseph Oliver, a 10 year recent, regal, long-haired, all-white cat, World Health Organization galvanized ME to write down this post. initially, I assumed he had died strictly from being poisoned when ingestion a potted liliaceous plant I had left on the counter. At my suggestion, the physician created a similar assumption and looked no any for a cause to his ill health. It wouldn’t have mattered tho if he’d investigated and located the reason for ailments I’ve returned to believe were a minimum of part liable for his unfortunate death.

It took ME for a while return to terms, somewhat, with the actual fact that my negligence in exploiting the liliaceous plant wherever he may get thereto, contributed to Ollie’s death. however, after I pondered his behavior over the months and weeks before he died. He’d become irritable, and consumed heaps of water. I didn’t understand he was intense such a lot water till I compared how briskly the water dish would empty once I had 2 cats to however slowly it empty once I had only 1. I conjointly complete that Ollie’s weight loss hadn’t all happened in his last period when ingestion the liliaceous plant.

So I came to believe that whereas ingestion the liliaceous plant was pretty actually instrumental in Oliver’s death, that his health had been failing for a while before that. thus I made a decision to write down this post within the hope that I’d be ready to facilitate alternative cats and their house owners.

First: Please bear in mind that some plants are terribly toxic to cats. whereas some common house plants square measure harmless to cats, others will cause them irritation or upset stomachs and still others is deadly. Keep toxic plants aloof from your cats!

Here’s what PetMd has got to say regarding lilies,

“There square measure many alternative species of plants known as “lily”: Lilium longiflorum, day lily, Asiatic liliaceous plant, tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, and liliaceous plant of the depression, among others. And tho’ they will be lovely to seem at, a cat may die of kidney disease if he ought to eat any a part of these toxic species and not receive treatment right away. In fact, as very little as 2 leaves will build your cat sick, and if left untreated, will become fatal in as very little as 3 days.”

Second: If your cat displays any of the subsequent symptoms of poisoning, illness or sickness, please take them to a physician. I want I’d taken Joseph Oliver a lot of, a lot of sooner!

Signs of illness in Your Cat:

1-Your cat becomes less active than usual or is dazed.

2-Excessive thirst/water consumption

3-Excessive excretion

4-Excessive hunger/food consumption

5-Weight loss

6-Disinterested in food/refusal to eat



9-Tremors, shaking or inability to steer

10-Unusual lumps on skin or body.