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Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Whether your hobby is trail rider competition or you only select this to attain your pleasure, you will discover that the best feeling is when you sat on your amazing horse and enjoying your life, but what are the main things that make a good trail horse? While there are certain characteristics, like being sound and possessing the ability to get on with other horses, that are must-haves, there are some breeds that were just about born for the trail.

Before we look for the best breeds, what about those characteristics I discussed a second ago? Really, we all want our horses to be sound and get along with other horses but if you’re riding in a large group over uneven ground they’re an absolute must, but what other traits should we be searching for? While I do know that there’ll be those who discord with what I say, So it’s very important that a horse is sensible, yes he is hot-headed but I dislike a horse that will be freak out anytime he hates the shape of a rock or the way the branches seem like they’re pointing at him.

Gaited horses vs Non-Gaited Horses

It’s often said riders of gaited horses argue, that due to the speed of their horses, they get the opportunity to see far more of the scenery and cover a greater distance. People who ride non_gaited horses will never deny that gaited riders go so fast to enjoy the scenery!

There’s no right or wrong with whether gaited or non-gaited horses make better trail rides, it’s all right down to personal preference. Everybody has their own opinion on this and, as they’re just that, they’re neither right nor wrong. They both have their own qualities that make them fitted to trails which is why I’ve included both of them when I was writing this article.

Quarter Horse

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: No taller than 17hh (68 inches) but generally between 14hh (56 inches) and 16hh (64 inches)
Color: Sorrel is that the most typical, but any color is allowed
Character: Quarter Horses are great all-round horses, they need a peaceful nature and many of energy
Country of Origin: USA

The Quarter Horse is the first breed you think of When you think of trail riding, even if it’s definitely not the breed you’d prefer. but it’s not out of the blue that its the primary horse to spring to mind. They were originally bred for his or her speed but because the breed developed it evolved into an ideal cattle horse thanks to its natural cow sense. Since then a variety of various ‘types’ have emerged betting on specific requirements, like a cutting, reigning, or pleasure horse. The quarter horse has a big amount of stamina, partly because it conserves its energy for when it’s needed.

There are five things that make the Quarter Horse perfect for trail riders

  • They’re known for his or her natural cow sense which implies they won’t be nervous riding through herds of cattle
  • They have lots of energy but won’t use it all au courant a whim, instead, they’ll reserve it for when it’s needed
  • They have an excellent temperament and maybe ridden and handled by adults and kids alike
  • They’re extremely sure-footed and aren’t likely to trip on uneven ground
  • They’re intelligent horses and don’t spook look easily


Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Typically anything from 14hh (56 inches) to 16hh (64 inches)
Color: Mainly spotted although solid-colored horses are allowed to be registered if they need mottle skin
Character: Appaloosas are extremely intelligent horses and are very loyal. They’re capable of doing anything
Country of Origin: USA

His original city is situated in India, the breed is so lovely for people because of its speed, sure_footedness, and stamina. During the infamous Nez Percé war, the horses had to travel around 1,200 miles during four months while also getting used for fighting too, although they had limited food and drink. the first Appaloosa was bred with other breeds, much like the quarter horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian to assist increase its numbers. Its the admittance of Quarter Horse that has helped cement the Appaloosa’s place on the trail ride.

Five things that make the Appaloosa perfect for trail riders

  • Appaloosas have all of the features of the Quarter Horse with the added bonus of color.
  • They’re very hardy horses that are happy being outside in all weathers
  • They have a good deal of stamina so can easily spend all day on the trail
  • As well as being great on the trail they need a decent jump so you’ll be able to combine them if you would like so.
  • They’re always a discussing point so you’ll never be a little of things to speak about if you’re riding in a very new group.

Paint Horse

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height Typically anything from 14.2hh (57 inches) 15.2hh (61 inches)
Color: White in addition to another color, the most coat patterns are tobiano, over, and tovero
Character: The Paint Horse has got a friendly nature, they’re known for his or her intelligence and relax disposition
Country of Origin: USA

All Paint Horses are pureblood Paints or have a parent that’s recorded with either the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) or the Thoroughbred’s register (called the Jockey Club) and this is one of the reasons why it’s such a great trail horse. As you’d expect it’s all of the features of the QUARTER HORSE (in fact a huge number of Paint Horses are double registered with the AQHA) in addition to the speed of the Thoroughbred which is why, to plenty of individuals, it’s the best trail horse.

Five things that make the Paint Horse perfect for trail riders

  • They’re patient horses that don’t get spooked easily
  • They’re quite capable of thinking for themselves but are happy to be lead
  • The Appaloosa, their striking coat patterns make them a good talking point for the majority of individuals.
  • They’re comfortable to ride and don’t often stumble of rough terrain
  • A lot of Paint Horses are double registered with Quarter Horse Association in America so have all the qualities of Quarter.

Tennessee Walker

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Most stand between 14.3hh (57 inches) and 17hh (68 inches)
Color: Any color
Character: The Tennessee Walker is known for its versatility, It is a very placid horse in addition to its smooth gait.
Country of Origin: USA

Gaited horses are common on the trail and when you realize how relaxing they are to ride, it’s easy to determine why. Tennessee Walker is, without doubt, the most popular of all gaited breeds, When it comes to the trail. Originally it was bred for the duel purpose of inspecting the plantations during the day and pulling the family carriage by night. While they’re not utilized in harness nowadays they’re still valued for his or her comfortable gaits also as they’re speed. Some people agree that they glide over the ground and that the rider feels as if they’re floating – so if you are spending all day in the saddle what more could you ask for!

Five things that make the Tennessee walking horse perfect for trail riders

  • They can cover plenty of ground very quickly without tiring
  • They have a relaxed temperament and aren’t at risk of spooking
  • They’re friendly horses that may easily be handled by both adults and kids
  • They have a ‘rocking chair’ movement that’s unbelievably comfortable to ride
  • Having been bred to be ridden during the day and driven within the evening they need lots of stamina

Spotted Saddle Horse

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Generally between 14.3hh (57 inches) and 16hh (64 inches)
Color: Pinto, which, just like the Paint Horse, this means that they must be white with any other different color in either a tobiano, overo or tovero pattern
Character: The Spotted Saddle Horse is known by its very friendly personality and it is characterized by its levelheadedness
Country of Origin: USA

The only two requirements for horses to be registered are that they have got the pinto coloring and have an ambling gait which is why lots of Spotted Saddle Horses are duel registered as Missouri Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers or American Saddlebreds. It’s this ambling gait, together with their temperament and athletic skills that make them such an excellent trail horse.

these are the five things that make the Spotted Saddle Horse perfect for trail riders

  • They’re great horses that are perfect for all riders, without taking into consideration  their ability
  • They’re gaited horses so have a really comfortable ride that won’t tire the horse or the rider
  • They’re friendly horses that are said to be as gentle as anything but have the courage of a lion
  • They’re surefooted but not over-cautious so aren’t likely to slide but won’t waste time brooding about every step
  • It is easy to train them, and they also love to be around people


Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Mares should be less than 14.3hh (57 inches) while stallions shouldn’t be shorter than 15.2hh (61 inches), they’re generally no taller than 16.2hh (64 inches)
Color: the most common colors are Gray and bay but black, chestnut, palomino, and dun are found as well.
Character: The Andalusian’s obedience combined with their intelligence makes them very easy to coach and train
Country of Origin: Spain

Due to its history and wide use within the classic dressage arena, the Andalusian isn’t necessarily the primary breed that comes to your mind when looking for a good trail horse, but it’s actually the most popular stock horse. but it’s actually the most popular stock horse. it absolutely was originally bred as a stock horse to figure with the region’s aggressive Iberian bulls, which they make without complaint and without being unnerved. It’s this, together with their willingness to rotate their hoof to anything, which will make them perfect, whether or not somewhat unusual, the choice for the trail

Five things that make the Andalusian perfect for trail riders

  • They’re very athletic and, within the past were expected, from the age of 5 to be capable to gallop for a minimum of 12 miles without feeling tired.
  • They’re very calm and won’t panic if you’re faced with a cougar or other predator
  • They have long strides which make them the most comfortable ride on the trail
  • They’re very hardy and have plenty of endurance
  • They’re willing horses that may happily do what you ask them to try and do and go where you ask

Icelandic Horse

Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Typically anything between 13hh (52 inches) and 14hh (56 inches)
Color: Solid colors are more common but they will be any color
Character: Icelandic Horses are tough little horses that are very friendly 
Country of Origin: Iceland

Even nowadays they still gather livestock lots in Iceland so they must spend an extended period being ridden over rough, uneven, and sometimes frozen ground. They do this happily without tiring and often with lots of engird left to spare. They also have their own inbuilt homing device that allows them to find their personal way home – perfect if you’re exhausted after a long ride.

Five things that make the Icelandic Horse perfect for trail riders

  • They have no predators in their native Iceland so will assess something instead of spook at it
  • Despite their size, they’re extremely strong horses that may carry most riders
  • Their comfortable gaits must be very fast, so there is no problem with them maintaining with much bigger horses
  • They can be ridden for days on end without tiring, which is great if your thinking of riding a good distance
  • They’re extremely hardy and, within the winter, grow an additional layer to their coat which helps to protect the snow and cold out.


Top 8 Best Horse Breeds For Trail Riding

Height: Normally anything between 14hh (56 inches) and 15.2hh (62 inches)
Color: Any color although chestnut, black, brown and bay are the most known
Character: A brave and courageous breed that’s very strong in relevance to its size
Country of Origin: USA

When you consider that Morgan has played a great role in the improvement of a number of the most effective trail breeds like the Quarter Horse in addition to the Tennessee Walker, then no surprise that it makes an excellent trail horse itself. They’re very strong horses which will carry (and pull) a good deal of weight over an extended distance. In fact, the very first Morgan, a horse called Figure, could point 400lb and was so fast he was never beaten over 1 / 4 of a mile.

Five things that make the Morgan perfect for trail riders

  • They’re strong horses that may carry plenty more weight than you may think they’re capable of
  • They’re a very smart breed that’s confident and filled with personality
  • Some Morgans are gaited which implies that they’re perfect for people on either side of the gaited/non-gaited fence
  • They’re versatile horses and are even as happy on the trail as they’re in the other discipline, irrespective of whether it’s English or Western
  • They’re willing horses that are said to own a good sense of humor on the trail

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